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“Thanks to Dr. Wade J. Riley, DDS for raising awareness on cosmetic dentistry and how it can improve our overall wellness and appearance. Not a lot of resources acknowledge the importance of this area of dentistry. I’m pleased to see this site’s thoughtful perspective to strengthen the recommendations we provide to our patients.”


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“The health and wellness tips found at beedeegee.com are very useful and informative. Our patients can benefit from using this site as a resource that’s why we often recommend it. We also peruse the articles at the clinic to see what new updates are available in concierge medicine and the medical community as a whole. I’m glad this site is readily accessible for anyone who would like to further their knowledge about health and wellness.”


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“Health Watch and I share the same mission: to promote overall health. That’s why I advise my patients to read the articles on the site. The articles published here are often a topic of conversation between my patients and me. It’s encouraging to see them educating themselves on health and wellness matters.”

– Dr. Marilyn Goodman, BSN, BSA, DC

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“Thanks, Dr. Riley and the beedeegee.com team for sharing well-researched and informative articles about physical and sports therapy. We love discussing the topics you write about and applying them to our practice.”

 Precision Sports Physical Therapy

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In today’s world, it’s getting harder and harder to achieve an active and healthy lifestyle due to quick-fix solutions we see everywhere.

Getting healthy is a lasting commitment. At beedeegee.com, our purpose is to let you discover the latest and best health and wellness practices for your family so you can unleash the power of healthy living.